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  • NTL-2000
  • NTL-2000

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Technical Data

Operating voltage230VAC
Max Load6A 
Temperature Range10℃-30℃
Functionheating and cooling
Ambient Temperature-20~30℃
Protect ClassIP20
Materialfireproof UL 94 V-0
Sensor Typegas tilled sylphom
Notewith on/off switch,without LED indicator for power

Art.No.Control Typecontrol TypeDescription
NTL-2000AMechanical typeWith Intemal Gas filled sylphonGAS tilled sylphon
NTL-2000BMechanical typeWith on/off switchGAS tilled sylphon
NTL-2000CMechanical typeWith LED indicatorGAS tilled sylphon
NTL-2000DMechanical typeWith on/off switch and LED indicatorGAS tilled sylphon

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> Compact design

> Set temperature

> High switching capacity

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Temperature’s scale adjustment:

After almost two days from the installation, to obtain a precjse scale adjustment, measure the room temperature with a reference thermometer, placed aside the thermostat, Holding the shagrened part of the Knob, turn the index with a coin,to reach the same value of the thermometer, We suggest to install the equipment at about 1.5 mt from the floor and from any heat source.

NTL-2000A: With internal gas filled sylphon

NTL-2000B: With ON/OFF switch, With internal gas filled sylphon

NTL-2000C: With LED indicator, With internal gas filled sylphon

NTL-2000D: With ON/OFF switch and LED indicator, With internal gas filled sylphon

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